Album Release

Get your songs out on all major quality stores out there like Spotify, Amazon, Itunes, Tidal etc.

Music PR

Our team will release Press Kit for your album or single to be distributed to over 4500+ Distribution Network!

Music Production

Supported by Top Notch Industry Sound Engineers who will get you that sound you need!

Live Gigs

Plan your live performance journey to stardom with your personal musical roadmap.

is a record label. In our scout, entertainment, live gigs event planner and your music, promotional strategist, all in one.

Album Release

Additional services that 1league can provide to musicians are:

  1. Music licensing: We can help artists license their music to various platforms such as films, TV shows, and commercials.
  2. Music distribution: We can help artists distribute their music to various digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.
  3. Music marketing: We can provide marketing services that help in promoting the artist’s music on various digital platforms.
  4. Artist management: We can provide artist management services, which help in managing the artist’s career and ensure that they get maximum exposure.
  5. Artist Media Kit & Profile Management
  6. Music education: We can provide music education services to help aspiring musicians learn the skills they need to succeed in the music industry.
  7. Music video production: We can help artists produce music videos that align with their music and brand image.
  8. Merchandising: We can help artists create and sell merchandise that promotes their music and brand image.
  9. Song pitching: We can help artists pitch their songs to various music industry professionals such as publishers, A&R executives, and music supervisors.

Music PR Services

You get a dedicated PR team who creates press releases and bio’s that help in creating a brand image for the artist. This helps in building credibility and establishing the artist as an authority in their genre. We also provide social media marketing services, which help the artist to connect with their fans and build a loyal fan base.

Music Production

We have experience working with artists from various genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM. We help the artist to find their signature sound, ensuring that their music stands out in a crowded market. We also provide music consultancy services, helping the artist to make informed decisions about their music career.

Live Gigs

Our event managers have years of experience in organizing successful live events. We offer a variety of live gig packages, including venue booking, event planning, and technical assistance. We also provide post-event services such as video production and live event recording.

Add On Services

Some perks for our Platinum Artists are