Elevating Hospitality Experiences: The Impact of Live Artists in Hotels and Venues in 2023

There has been a notable paradigm shift in the hospitality industry with a growing focus on live artists and performers. This trend has become more pronounced in the wake of the pandemic, drastically altering customer preferences. Live entertainment is now emerging as a key factor reshaping the landscape of the industry.

Increased Customer Engagement

Investing in live artists considerably enhances customer engagement at hospitality venues. There are several case studies demonstrating how live performances foster a sense of community and encourage interpersonal interaction. For instance, Hyatt’s “Unbound Collection” prides itself on curating unique experiences, including live performances that encourage guest interaction and engagement.

Differentiation in a Competitive Market

Given the densely competitive hospitality market, unique selling points are a must. Live artists not only set a venue apart from its competitors but can create an unforgettable, unique experience for the patrons. The Hard Rock Hotel chain, for example, has been successful in integrating live music performances to stand out amidst competition.

Boosting Onsite Spending

Live entertainment also has an economic benefit, as it encourages customers to spend more time (and money) at the venue. According to Statista, consumers spend an average of 40% more time at venues with live entertainment.

Creating a Culture Brand

Live artists can help a venue transcend beyond just being a lodging or event space and can cultivate a brand rooted in cultural immersion and experience. Ace Hotels have done this remarkably well by integrating local art and culture into their brand narrative.

Encouraging Local Tourism

While attracting international travellers is important, promoting local artists can actually attract domestic tourists while fostering community cohesion. There are multiple case studies showcasing venues who have vibrant local talent scenes seeing increased footfalls and subsequent positive impacts on their businesses.

Positive Social Media Presence

The hospitality industry can’t ignore the overwhelming impact of social media. Live performances often stimulate user-generated content, boosting online visibility and brand promotion. A clear example is the Marriott, with their #WithTheBand initiative, that encouraged guests to share their experiences online.

Sustainable and Responsible Business Model

In addition to contributing to cultural preservation, supporting local artists has positive socioeconomic effects. This aligns with the growing consumer preference for businesses that actively support local communities. Airbnb is often applauded for its commitment to promoting local experiences.

Incorporating live artists in hotels and venues can deliver manifold benefits, from increased customer engagement and onsite spending to differentiating in a crowded market. As more and more hospitality brands recognize these advantages, it’s reasonable to foresee that this trend will gain even more traction in the future. The aforementioned examples illustrate how a successful integration of live music can effectively enhance revenue and positively affect business.

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