A Story of Symphony and Passion with Sonu Parihar’s New Album

In the bustling and ever-evolving world of music, few artists manage to strike a chord that resonates deeply with the audience’s soul. Sonu Parihar is one such artist whose journey into the realms of music is nothing short of inspirational. His narrative is a testament to the fact that true passion, coupled with relentless perseverance, can carve pathways in the most unforeseen terrains.

The Genesis of a Musical Journey

Sonu Parihar’s musical odyssey commenced not in the cradle but amidst the academic halls of his university. “When I was in the second year of graduation, I knew only Kumar Sanu ji and Udit Narayan sir in music. The first time I saw the guitar was during university time. Then I learned to play the guitar and started writing songs,” Sonu reveals. His journey from a neophyte observer to a maestro was shepherded by his mentor, Mr. Ali Saeed Taqvi, transforming his raw passion into a polished craft.

A Rock and Blues Aficionado

When asked about his musical genre, Sonu’s affinity for Rock and Blues is palpable. “I like to play Rock and Blues music, so I always try to keep this feeling in my songs. Rock gives me energy, and blues gives me a more creative way to make my composition beautiful,” he articulates. This blend of vigor and creativity is the cornerstone of his musical identity, offering a unique flavor to his compositions.

The Art of Production: Keeping It Natural

Sonu Parihar’s production style is a reflection of his philosophical leanings towards music. He emphasizes, “Keep your sound natural, like more acoustic and electric guitar, not more electronic sounds in that.” This approach not only distinguishes his sound but also imbues his music with an authenticity that fans cherish.

Collaborations and Creativity

The synergy of collaboration is a theme that resonates strongly with Sonu. He fondly recalls his projects with childhood friend and bassist, Archit Agarwal, highlighting the unique creativity each artist brings to the table. “Yes, because each artist has uniqueness and creativity. My childhood friend, Archit Agarwal, is an amazing artist and bassist. Till now, I have only clubbed with Archit,” he notes, underlining the importance of collaborative genius in music creation.

Visuals & Cover Art: A Reflection of Sound

Sonu believes that the visuals and cover art of an EP are the mirrors reflecting the essence of the music it encompasses. “There is nothing special behind it, just its vibes because your cover art is actually the reflection of your songs,” he states, suggesting that the visual elements of his music are as spontaneous and authentic as the notes and chords they represent.

Overcoming Challenges: A Tale of Resilience

Reflecting on the challenges of his career, Sonu shares a poignant narrative of struggle and resilience. His journey was fraught with financial difficulties and existential doubts about his musical career. However, his unwavering commitment to his craft saw him through. “I was feeling like dropping the music, but I knew that music was the best thing I could do. I can create and write music by myself, then I should not leave music,” he asserts, echoing the resolve that has been instrumental in his journey.

Independent Releases and Future Endeavors

Sonu Parihar’s foray into the music world is marked by his independence, with his recent single “Paisa” released through his distributor, DistroKid. Looking ahead, he teases about his upcoming projects, “Now the recording of songs continues in the studio. The next song is fully hard rock, and the next one is a love song. The songs are not of the same genre; there is a mix of songs.” This diversity is a hallmark of Sonu’s artistic versatility.

Building Connections: The Soul of Music

In an industry that’s constantly in flux, Sonu believes in the timeless appeal of authenticity. “There should be truth in your music that people can connect with,” he advises, highlighting the essence of building a dedicated fan base.

“There should be truth in your music that people can connect with.”

Sonu Parihar

A Digital Window to Sonu Parihar’s World

For those enchanted by the musical voyage of Sonu Parihar and eager to explore his auditory landscapes, his socials and Spotify link here serve as gateways to his soul-stirring compositions.

Sonu Parihar’s journey from a university student mesmerized by the guitar to a composer and performer with a unique voice in the music industry is a narrative of inspiration. It’s a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a pinch of creativity, the music within can find its echo in the world outside.

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