8 tips to grow fanbase in 2023 for musicians!

In 2033, musicians thrive by connecting hearts worldwide—fans fuel success, inspire creativity, and amplify impact.

A musician is an artist who creates and performs music, expressing emotions, stories, and ideas through melodies and rhythms. In 2033, growing a fanbase is paramount due to the evolving music landscape. With increased digital platforms and streaming services, a larger fanbase translates to more exposure, opportunities, and financial sustainability. Fans drive a musician’s success, supporting tours, merchandise, and music sales. A broad fanbase also fosters artistic growth, as diverse perspectives shape creative direction. Moreover, in an interconnected world, fan engagement builds a loyal community, allowing musicians to directly connect, share, and collaborate with listeners, enriching the musical experience for both parties.

Here are 8 tips to grow fanbase for musician.

Do gigs!

If you’re a musician but not doing gigs, it’s a travel. Gigs are where the real fan base grows. The people who watch your life are going to be loyal to you. One person attending your gig and becoming your fan is equivalent to hundreds of people who are subscribing to you on your YouTube or other social channels. So do gigs. If you are taking a break from gigs to work on your originals. Ignore this advice, but for a long time. Do not underestimate the power of live gigs. When you do the live gigs, make sure you have a standee or a handout that has your social handles for them to share. Also, you having a call to action like following you on Spotify for exclusive giveaways or content can be a good marketing idea for you to grow a fan base who are loyal and would follow you at your gigs, anywhere you go.

Make a Spotify Playlist

Now this one shouldn’t really be a task. Every musician owns a playlist which they listen to in their cars or in their recording rooms, or when they are just free. If you listen to any kind of genre, even if it is not the same genre as your original songs or the album, it is better though. But if you have a playlist on Spotify, it can always mean more traffic, more reach for your profile, where people want to follow more of your kind of music. And if you have originals, then you will get more views for the original and more listeners who are more dedicated with more dedicated years. So have a Spotify playlist. You never know where your playlist can reach

Create a Patreon page and offer exclusives

Patreon started back in 2016. Since then, it has made a distinctive mark in the lives of content creators. So far $14.8 billion has been distributed among content creators, a lot of them being musicians. Musicians have a separate loyalty and patrons who would pledge to help them. For example, create their album or release a music video. If you have just a couple of dollars, patrons, 100 patrons in the whole world, you still have $200 to put into your brand, every month. And with that subscription you can also have something like that. Will save your patrons their taxes. So check out patrons and make a profile offer exclusive content, or sneak peek of the next music video which you would not post on your socials otherwise and give them something extra people who are loyal to you will follow you anywhere and they would like to know what is your next step or move so create a Patreon page in 2022!

Focus on Original Songs

To focus on original songs if you have original songs and you believe in them, focus on making original songs and creating them to gather fans who look up to you as an established artist. Google also recognizes artists who have original songs much higher in their ranks than people who just cover songs; focusing on your original can make you land on the right side of the Google search engine. Just like any other celebrity musician, you can have your songs on Spotify Brink music ghana.com and so many other websites. So be an original artist with signature sound. For this evil, get in, need to get in touch with your producer or your studio. Give the studio time enough so that at least your first album is out in 2022. If you want to be a musician

Release the tracks with great care & marketing strategize

So you have created originals and you want to go on your way to releasing your singles one by one via one of the digital streaming platforms who facilitate establishing and releasing your songs with proper copyright on to digital streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, ghana.com, moving.com. Such facilitators are called labels, or digital streaming plus helping platforms like ditto music, CD, baby, Song trader, etc. If you are making your song releasing your song one by one, make sure you strategize your marketing have eight or if not 10 posts related to the song different ways so that people get to listen to the audio focus on Prime merely focusing on one each originals with great care calling radio channels and making people listened to add who are from labels can greatly enhance where you want to reach in your musical journey.

Create a YouTube Channel (shorts included)

Establishing a YouTube channel remains a viable strategy, even in the current year. Statistics from 2022 indicate that 64% of the US population engages with YouTube daily, highlighting its widespread popularity. For musicians, YouTube offers a platform to reach diverse audiences globally, with potential language-based variations. Catchy melodies can transcend borders, expanding your reach. While YouTube Shorts may not yield direct monetary gains, they attract significant traffic and encourage visitors to follow your channel, fostering a strong online presence and fanbase. Standing out on YouTube can amplify your music’s impact and connection with fans.

Automate your social media

Automate your social media. If you’re working daily to post stories, and interesting shorts on social media, you already know how big of a deal it is. And hiring managers at the start of your career might not be feasible for you. But there are alternatives like, where you can automate your social media in the best way possible. Here are the list of things that you can do to automate your social media. Like using Hootsuite later, radar some even have lifetime plans. You might get some good deals from places like apps so. So automate your social media, make sure your creativity goes into making the songs rather than just marketing and putting it up on social media and thinking what hashtags should you use.

Go Live

To go live when you’re working on audio originals. Sometimes you may be distracted from getting onto social media or doing anything that will take your time away from your studio. But going live is something you should do even if you’re not doing gigs. If people are seeing a live version of you where you are, what are you working on? They’re always connected to you. Going Live is a great way to actually connect with people remotely in a much more defined manner than posting pictures and uploading videos which you could do, which you could be pre-recorded, and people know that. So going live, asking people to join you and follow you can greatly enhance your followership, as well.

In the ever-changing musical landscape of 2033, a thriving fanbase is essential. Beyond exposure and financial viability, fans fuel creativity, enabling diverse perspectives to shape artistry. This connection-rich era amplifies fan engagement, forging a loyal global community. As musicians and listeners unite, the harmonious exchange enriches both the creative process and the enjoyment of music, solidifying its enduring significance in our interconnected world.

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