Mastermind Idea behind Kabir’s North East Cipher Video Hits 3 Million Mark

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian music, a new thread of innovation and collaboration weaves its way through the northeastern states, bringing with it a fresh burst of talent and vision. At the forefront of this musical revolution is Kabir, a rapper whose fluency in both Hindi and English sets him apart in a genre that thrives on authenticity and connection. Kabir’s latest project, the “North East Cypher,” is more than just a song; it’s a cultural milestone, marking the first time that rappers from across the northeast have united under a single banner to showcase their unique talents and stories. This groundbreaking video has not only captivated audiences, amassing over 3 million views, but it has also garnered the support and recognition of India’s rap elite, including DIVINE, KRSNA, Brodha V, and Raga.

The “North East Cypher” is not just a testament to Kabir’s vision and leadership but also a beacon of hope and unity for the northeastern rap community. It stands as a powerful declaration of the region’s rich musical heritage and its burgeoning influence on the national stage. Through this introduction, we embark on a journey to explore the mastermind idea behind this monumental project, delving into the creative process, the collaborative spirit, and the profound impact of bringing together the voices of the northeast in a symphony of rap and rhythm that resonates with millions.

The Genesis

In the realm of creativity, inspiration often strikes in the most serene moments. For Kabir, a meditative session not only brought inner peace but also sparked an idea that promised to revolutionize the northeastern rap scene. It was this moment of clarity that led Kabir to envision “North East Cypher,” a project that aimed to unify the diverse and rich talents of northeastern rappers under one ambitious banner. Driven by a conviction that something legendary was on the horizon, Kabir set out to turn this vision into reality.

The journey began with Kabir reaching out to his fellow artists across the northeast, a region known for its vibrant culture and musical heritage yet often overlooked in the mainstream rap industry. He discussed his vision with passion and precision, detailing not just the concept but also the execution strategy. It was crucial that every artist involved shared the same enthusiasm and commitment to the project’s success. Kabir’s leadership and clarity in communication galvanized the artists, who were eager to be part of something that could potentially elevate their music to a national, even global, audience.

“North East Cypher” was more than a song; it was a call to arms for artists to showcase their unique identities and stories through powerful verses and beats. Kabir’s idea was to create a platform where the collective talent of the northeast could shine, breaking stereotypes and creating a new narrative for the region’s music scene. The artists, inspired by Kabir’s vision, rallied together, ready to bring their best to the table and make “North East Cypher” a symbol of northeastern pride and talent.

This genesis of “North East Cypher” was a testament to Kabir’s belief in the power of collaboration and the impact of music as a unifying force. It set the stage for a historic gathering of talents, each ready to contribute their voice to a chorus that would echo far beyond the hills and valleys of the northeast, reaching into the hearts and minds of listeners everywhere.

The Collaborative Effort

The creation of “North East Cypher” was a monumental task that required not just vision but a concerted effort from a team of dedicated artists and technical experts. Central to this collaborative endeavor was Spider, the producer who played a pivotal role in the song’s production. Spider’s expertise in mixing, mastering, and video editing was crucial in bringing the project to life, ensuring that each rapper’s verse was seamlessly integrated into a cohesive masterpiece. His technical prowess allowed the unique styles and flows of the diverse artists to shine through, while maintaining a unified sound that defines the “North East Cypher.”

This project was distinguished not only by its ambitious scope but also by the array of talented artists who joined forces to make it a reality. The cypher featured a lineup of renowned names from the northeastern hip-hop scene, including Borkung Hrangkhawl, Moksh, UNB, K4 Kekho, Sikdar, Moko Koza, Freakyy, Jelo, AP, Yelhomie, and Young Dirrt. Each artist brought their distinct voice and lyrical prowess to the table, enriching the cypher with a tapestry of stories, rhythms, and rhymes that reflected the cultural and musical diversity of the region.

The collaborative spirit of “North East Cypher” extended beyond the individual contributions of the artists. It was about creating a platform that celebrated the underrepresented voices of the northeast, providing them with the visibility and recognition they deserved. The initiative was driven by a spontaneous motive to not just produce a single cypher, but to lay the groundwork for a tradition of showcasing northeastern talents through consistent releases. This vision of ongoing collaboration and promotion of the region’s artists underscored the project’s broader mission.


Moreover, the support from well-known hip-hop artists like Borkung Hrangkhawl, Moksh, and others, who were instrumental in pushing the idea, added an extra layer of credibility and excitement around the “North East Cypher.” Their involvement signaled a collective endorsement from the hip-hop community, amplifying the message that the northeast harbors a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

“The Collaborative Effort” behind the North East Cypher thus stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when artists unite for a common cause. It showcases the power of music to bridge divides, build communities, and create opportunities for artists to shine on the national stage. This initiative not only spotlighted the talents of northeastern rappers but also set a precedent for future collaborations, encouraging artists to dream big and work together in creating music that resonates across boundaries.


The N.E Cypher swiftly transcended its initial goal of showcasing the northeastern rap scene, evolving into a cultural phenomenon that resonated across India and beyond. The video’s viral success, accumulating over 3 million views, is a testament to its wide-reaching impact and the universal appeal of its message. This achievement is not merely numeric; it symbolizes the breaking of geographical and cultural barriers, bringing the unique sounds and stories of the northeast to a global audience.

Beyond the impressive view count, the “North East Cypher” has inspired hundreds of reaction videos, further amplifying its reach. These reaction videos, spanning from fans to fellow musicians and critics, have created a vibrant community of dialogue and appreciation around the project. They serve as a platform for discussions on the quality, creativity, and significance of the northeastern rap scene, fostering a deeper connection between the artists and their audience.


The cypher’s success caught the attention of Indian rap maestros such as DIVINE, KRSNA, Brodha V, and Raga. Their public endorsement and support of the project not only elevated its status within the hip-hop community but also affirmed the quality and potential of northeastern artists. This recognition from established names in the Indian rap industry is invaluable, as it provides a stamp of legitimacy and encourages broader acceptance and collaboration across regional and linguistic divides.

Kabir’s vision for the “North East Cypher” was always about more than just views or viral fame; it was about uniting a diverse group of artists to make a statement and push the boundaries of what northeastern rap could achieve. The widespread acclaim and support the project has received are clear indicators of its success in doing so. However, perhaps the most significant achievement is the sense of pride and unity it has instilled within the northeastern rap community. For the first time, these artists were not just individuals from different parts of a geographically and culturally rich region; they were part of a collective voice that had made its mark on the national stage.

The achievements and recognition garnered by the “North East Cypher” are milestones on a longer journey. They signify a moment of arrival for northeastern rap and hip-hop, marking its entry into the mainstream conversation of Indian music. This recognition is a stepping stone, opening doors for future collaborations and projects that will continue to elevate the region’s artists, ensuring that their voices, stories, and talents continue to be heard and celebrated across India and the world.

The Larger Vision

The unparalleled success of the “North East Cypher” is not merely the culmination of a groundbreaking project but the beginning of a broader movement envisioned by Kabir. Beyond the immediate acclaim and recognition, Kabir harbors a larger vision for northeastern rap music, aiming to illuminate and elevate the genre to new heights on the national and international stages. This vision is rooted in a deep-seated belief in the power of music to transcend barriers and unite people, coupled with a desire to spotlight the untapped potential of northeastern artists.

Kabir’s ambition extends beyond the confines of a single project. He envisions a future where northeastern rappers are not outliers in the Indian music scene but integral players whose voices contribute to the rich tapestry of the country’s musical heritage. The “North East Cypher” is envisioned as the first of many initiatives to bring this dream to fruition. Kabir plans to consistently release projects that showcase the talent and diversity of the region, providing a platform for artists to collaborate, innovate, and elevate their craft to new levels.

This larger vision encompasses not just the production of music but the creation of a sustainable ecosystem that supports and nurtures the growth of northeastern rap. Kabir sees potential in establishing networks that facilitate collaboration between artists, producers, and industry stakeholders, ensuring that northeastern talent is recognized, nurtured, and promoted on a larger scale. He aims to bridge the gap between the northeastern rap community and the mainstream music industry, creating opportunities for exposure, collaboration, and career development.

Moreover, Kabir’s vision is imbued with a sense of responsibility to use music as a tool for social change. He believes in the power of rap and hip-hop to address issues of identity, inequality, and social justice, providing a voice for the marginalized and underserved communities of the northeast. Through his work, Kabir seeks to inspire a new generation of artists who are not only skilled in their craft but also conscious of their role as agents of change within society.

The success of the “North East Cypher” has laid the foundation for this larger vision, proving that there is a hungry audience for northeastern rap and that the region’s artists have much to contribute to the national and international music scenes. Kabir’s ambitions are a beacon of hope for the northeastern rap community, promising a future where their music is not just heard but celebrated, where their stories are not just told but embraced, and where their talents are not just recognized but revered. In this vision, the “North East Cypher” is not the end but a bright beginning, a first step toward a future where northeastern rap shines in the limelight it richly deserves.

The Mission Beyond Music

At the heart of Kabir’s endeavors and the collective effort behind the “North East Cypher” lies a mission that transcends the boundaries of music. This initiative is driven by a profound commitment to spread love, respect, and harmony through the universal language of music. The project’s underlying ethos is about much more than just showcasing talent; it’s about fostering a sense of community and unity, not only among the artists but also within the wider society.

The northeastern region of India, with its diverse cultures, languages, and traditions, often faces challenges in terms of representation and inclusion. Through the medium of rap and hip-hop, Kabir and his collaborators have found a powerful tool to bridge these gaps, offering a narrative that celebrates diversity and promotes understanding. The “North East Cypher” serves as a vibrant testament to the potential of music to bring people together, highlighting stories and voices that resonate with universal themes of struggle, aspiration, and triumph.

Moreover, Kabir’s vision extends to using this platform to elevate the status of artists from the northeast, providing them with opportunities to be heard on a national and global stage. The mission is to break the cycle of marginalization by empowering these artists to reach new heights, ensuring that their contributions to the arts are recognized and valued. This drive towards inclusivity and representation is a crucial aspect of the project’s wider social impact, challenging stereotypes and fostering a more cohesive national identity.

Conclusion: A New Dawn for Northeastern Rap

The journey of the “North East Cypher” from a fleeting inspiration to a viral sensation marks a new chapter in the history of northeastern rap. Kabir’s visionary leadership, coupled with the collective talent and dedication of the artists involved, has propelled northeastern rap into the limelight, establishing a precedent for future collaborations and projects. The achievements and recognition garnered by the initiative are not just accolades but symbols of a burgeoning movement that seeks to redefine the musical landscape of India.

As we look to the future, the path laid by Kabir and his collaborators offers a blueprint for how art and music can serve as catalysts for cultural integration and social change. The North East Cypher is not merely a musical project but a beacon of hope for artists across the northeast, encouraging them to dream bigger and reach further. The legacy of this initiative will undoubtedly inspire future generations of artists, ensuring that the vibrant tapestry of northeastern music continues to enrich the national and global music scenes.

In this moment of achievement, we stand on the brink of a new dawn for northeastern rap, one that promises greater inclusion, recognition, and celebration of its unique contributions to the world of music. Kabir’s larger vision and mission extend beyond the immediate success of the North East Cypher, pointing towards a future where music continues to be a powerful medium for unity, respect, and love. As the northeastern rap scene steps into the spotlight, it does so with the strength of a community united by music, ready to take on the world with their stories, their rhythms, and their unwavering spirit.

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